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My Portfolio Work Project for Carleton University (2012)

Creation of a social network website developed for the student body and faculty of Carleton's School of Information Technology. Corresponding with a sleek design and layout, this website showcases skills in coding scripting languages with PHP, MySQL, and HTML / CSS.


The Hair Salon Ottawa (2012 - 2013): *

Creation and design of graphics and media for a hair salon website in Ottawa within the Westboro Area. A custom theme is used with CSS styling to provide a unique and interactive experience.

* Reference available upon request

View Live Demo Here!

The Hair Salon The Hair Salon The Hair Salon The Hair Salon The Hair Salon The Hair Salon

Organization, and direction of producing web videos (how-to videos) on hair-styling and services offered in the hair salon business. Tasks: Filming on location, designing custom graphics, direction of script, working with models, production and post-production process with a final upload onto Youtube.

* Reference available upon request

View Final Videos Here!

Mobile Application with Android Development Kit in Java and XML (2013):

Build An Exhibit, an application created for the Android Galaxy Tablet in co-ordination with the Museum of Science and Technology in Ottawa, Ontario. The app allows users to experience one of the museums’ exhibits first hand, by incorporating educational material within an entertaining environment. Users learn about various artifacts found within the actual exhibit and exercises a child's knowledge and creativity.

Download It Here!


Moxley’s Nutrition Counseling (May 2012): *

Creation and production of web videos for private counseling, group counseling, and reviewing important topics in nutrition. Tasks: Filming on location, designing graphics and/or media effects, and post-process editing with titles and transitions.

* Reference available upon request

View Videos Here!

Heather Moxley

Media-X Systems Inc. (2014 - 2015): *

While I was at Carleton University, I worked part time at Media-X Systems to redesign their company website. This involved developing web pages in WordPress using a custom theme in HTML5, CSS3, and PHP. The content management system (CMS) of WordPress allows for employees to update content easily without editing custom html and css files. This allowed my co-worker, Connor Cleland, to update content on the blog and help with any design changes on the site as necessary. I am continuing to work full time at Media-X and we are currently working on improving SEO and adding Google AdWords on pages to increase traffic and exposure.

* Reference available upon request

View Live Site Here!

Media-X Media-X Media-X

Twitter Application with Adobe AIR in MXML and Actionscript 3 (2012):

Creation of an application using the Twitter API that allows members to customize their Twitter experience by communicating with members who have an interest in sports and athletics. Users can view scores in their sports of interest, and allow the user to view a website's updates on a particular sport. The application offers an easy, interactive experience for the user that allows navigation through a native menu to: Refresh the timeline, edit controls, view timeline and followers, go online to see scores, filter through usernames of their choice, and close the window.

Download It Here!


Artventure - Leap Motion Application with Processing in Java (2014):

A gestural drawing based application served to young audiences. I was involved in fully programming and implementing the game. We used Processing in Java and a custom LeapMotion library to implement drawing gestures and motions as input for our game. My other team members involved in this project: Jessica Fox (art), Rebecca Riesberry (art), and Alex Tarapacky (programming). Demonstration of how the Leap Motion device works with our application can be viewed below:

View Demonstration Here!

Heather Moxley

The Gift of Wellness (Jun - Aug 2013): *

Creation of a nutrition wellness website built using HTML and CSS with custom graphics, theme, colour, organization, and layout. I keep an open line of communication with the client for maintenance and updates as needed regularly.

* Reference available upon request

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